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Some features that need to be implemented

  • Micropub
    • Bookmark?
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Scrolling backward and forward
  • Preview
  • Follow, Unfollow feeds
  • Channels create, update, delete
  • Channel ordering
  • Different interfaces (perhaps Twitter, Mastodon like)
  • Better responsive interface
  • Websockets? Show new channels and new items in channels directly, needs micropub server support
  • Improve handling of entries with missing values (like missing author)


  • Indieauth (needs CORS on the server)
  • Get Microsub endpoint from homepage of user
  • Micropub
    • Like
    • Repost
    • Reply
  • Posting
  • References to other posts: "refs" (likes and reposts)


Integrated post interface at the top of the timeline

Implemented, but perhaps needs automatic destination chooser.