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{{ define "calendar" }}
<div class="calendar">
<div class="calendar-buttons">
<a href="" class="calendar-update" data-calendar="{{ .PrevMonth }}">&lt;</a>
<h3>{{ .Month }} {{ .Year }}</h3>
<a href="" class="calendar-update" data-calendar="{{ .NextMonth }}">&gt;</a>
<div class="calendar-grid">
<div class="day"></div><div class="day">m</div><div class="day">d</div><div class="day">w</div><div class="day">d</div><div class="day">v</div><div class="day">z</div><div class="day">z</div>
{{ range .Days -}}<div class="{{ .Class }}"><a href="{{ .URL }}"><span class="day-text">{{ .Text }}</span></a></div>{{ end }}
{{ end }}