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Peter Stuifzand 5850c556c8 Use webpack 5 12 months ago
actions.js Sort lines based on the text and not the checkboxes 1 year ago
caret-position.js Add autocomplete of page links 2 years ago
editor.js Allow to fetch recursive metadata from pages in tables 1 year ago
formula.js Add dateSet and dateGet functions 2 years ago
fuse.js Improve link search 2 years ago
graph.js Use improved layout 2 years ago
index.js Add next and previous actions for calendar 1 year ago
markdown.js Add blocks backend 2 years ago
menu.js Better copy and paste 2 years ago
search.js Add search queries inside the tree 2 years ago
styles.scss Use webpack 5 12 months ago
util.js Small changes for javascript formatted and structure 2 years ago
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